Unicorn Letters

Unicorn letters

Unicorn Letters

Select the letters you want to include and click on them. Drag each letter to wherever you want it to be. For example, say you want a unicorn letter T. Click on the button below to open the letter generator. Scroll down until you see the letter T and click on it. If you want to add another letter, then repeat this process. To add text (such as a name) click on the A icon or enter your text under “Add Text”.

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Unicorn printable picture

How to make unicorn letters

  1. Click on the black button above.
  2. To make unicorn one letters select one letter only.
  3. To add more than one letter, click on the letter and then on the arrows in the bottom right corner. Drag the letter to the left to make it smaller. Repeat this process for each letter. Drag them to the desired location.

Unicorn Name Letters

You can use the Unicorn letter as an initial and add your name in regular text.

Unicorn name letters

Unicorn Monogram

You can create a unicorn monogram with one or two initials.

Unicorn monogram

How to make a unicorn letter cake

  1. Open the letter generator and write whatever you want.
  2. Find a place that prints on frosting sheets. This is a type of edible paper also known as sugar sheets or icing sheets. Edible ink is used and you can eat the entire printed sheet. If you do not have a store nearby that offers this service then order online.
  3. Make a cake and frost it with buttercream or the frosting of your choice.
  4. Gently remove the backing off the icing sheet and place it on the cake.
  5. A rectangular cake is the easiest, but it is not necessary. You can cut the sugar sheet to fit any sized cake.

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