How to Make a Monogram with Cricut Printable Sticker Paper

How to Make Monogram Stickers with a Cricut

How to Make Monogram Stickers with a Cricut

You can make and cut monogram stickers using Cricut’s “Print Then Cut” feature and Cricut Printable Sticker Paper. You can create a monogram with our free monogram maker and then download as a png image which will then be used to create the cut file.

Please note that only inkjet printers should be used to print the monogram stickers since laser printers are not compatible with Cricut printable materials. Also, the Cricut printable sticker paper is relatively heavy and not all home printers can print on it. If you have not yet purchased the sticker paper then please see the note below to ensure that it is compatible with your printer before you buy it.

Printable sticker paper adheres well to most surfaces but is not repositionable. If you want to re position your stickers in the future then you might prefer to use vinyl or window cling.

If the sticker is going to get wet then rather use vinyl and not sticker paper.


  • Cricut cutting machine (I used the Explore Air 2 machine but you can use any either the Cricut Explore of the Maker machine)
  • Cricut standard grip cutting mat
  • Cricut printable sticker paper or Avery full sheet labels (if your sticker paper is not as thick as the Cricut sticker paper then you might need to use a different setting)

Open Monogram Maker


  1. Make your monogram with our free monogram maker and then download as a png or svg file.
  2. Log into Cricut Design Space with your Cricut ID.
  3. In Cricut Design Space, start a new project and click on “upload”.
  4. Click on “Browse”.
  5. Upload the monogram that you downloaded in the previous step.
  6. Load Cricut printable sticker paper into your home printer (Ink Jet only not laser) making sure that it prints on the right side. You must print at 100% else the cut lines will not be accurate. You might need to adjust your printer’s settings for a thicker material and/or use the manual feed tray on your printer. See explanation below on what to do if the printable paper gets jammed in the printer.
  7. Follow the instructions in Cricut Design Space to print your design.
  8. Match the top corner or the printed sticker paper (liner side down) to the top left corner of your Cricut cutting mat.
  9. Use the premium fine point blade (the blade that comes with the machine).
  10. If using an Explore: Turn the dial to “Custom” and select the “Sticker Paper” setting.
  11. If using a Maker: Select “Browse all materials” then select the “Sticker Paper” setting.
  12. Load the cutting mat into your Cricut and press “Load”.
  13. Press “Cut”. One single cut should cut through the sticker paper and leave the backing intact. If you want to create separate stickers then press on “Cut” again without moving the mat or paper. Also, if you find that you cannot easily remove the sticker from the backing sheet then you might want to make two cuts. To make the second cut in the exact same place push the cut button once again. Make sure that you do not move the mat or paper or else the cutting line will move slightly.

What to do if the printable sticker paper gets jammed in the printer?

The Cricut printable sticker paper is relatively thick and tends to get stuck in the printer unless your printer can print on thicker papers. If it does get jammed then here are some possible solutions:

  • Don’t use the paper loading tray but rather gently push the paper into the printer from the feeder.  If you do use the paper loading tray, then remove all paper and put only one sheet of sticker paper in the printer at a time.
  • Make sure that your printer is set to heavy paper and not regular paper. The Cricut printable paper does not state what the weight of the paper is but it is heavier than other brands of sticker paper.
  • Use a lighter brand. Check the specifications of your printer to see the maximum weight of paper that you can load into it. Silhouette sticker paper is lighter and so is Avery sticker paper.
  • Go to your local copy shop and get them to print it for you. Make sure that they use an inkjet printer and not a laser printer.
  • Print on regular paper and apply with paper glue or Mod Podge. From experience, this system works really well. Don’t forget to change the Cricut setting to “Paper”. If you are sticking paper on paper a cheap simple glue stick will be fine. You can use Mod Podge to adhere the paper sticker to other surfaces such as glass, plastic, leather, etc.

Open Monogram Maker

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