Cricut Monogram Tutorials

See our easy instructions below to make your own DIY Cricut monogram without buying any fonts in under 5 minutes!

DIY monogram letters can be cut with a Cricut machine on various surfaces such as leather, vinyl, cardstock, sticker paper, etc. You will find instructions for each surface on this site. You can then create various DIY personalized gifts that will cost a fraction of store-bought personalized gifts!

Vinyl Monogram Tutorial

Cricut monogram

Cricut Sticker Paper Tutorial

How to Make Monogram Stickers with a Cricut

How to Make a Monogram on Cricut

You can make a Cricut monogram with our free monogram maker. You can use any of our fonts. Once you are happy with your monogram, then download it as a png file.

  1. Open our free monogram maker and create your own monogram.
  2. Download as a png image.
  3. Open Cricut Design Space.
  4. Sign in with your Cricut ID.
  5. Click on “New Project”.
  6. Click on “Upload”.
  7. Click on “Upload Image”.
  8. Click on “Browse”.
  9. Select the monogram template that you downloaded in step 2.
  10. If you have any white areas then move on to the next step. If you only have black and transparent areas then move on to step 14. Transparent areas are shown as blue and white checkerboard.
  11. Click on “moderately complex”. Click on “Close” and then on “Continue”.
  12. Under “select and erase” click on “advanced options”. You can leave the options at the default settings:
  • Reduce Colors: 16
  • Color Tolerance: 16
  1. Click on the white area on each letter with your cursor to erase it. It will become transparent.
  2. Click on “Continue”.
  3. Click on “Save as a Cut File”.
  4. Click on “Save”.

Free Monogram Fonts for Cricut

You can use the method above to use any of our free monogram fonts for Cricut Design Space. We have 101 free monogram fonts and designs. Create your own free monogram template that you will then upload to Cricut Design Space. Once you upload it, you can cut it with your Cricut cutter.


Do you need a Cricut monogram machine?

You can use any Cricut cutter to create a monogram. You do not need a specific monogram cutting machine. There are various models of Cricut available on the market.

Do you need special monogram fonts for Cricut?

Any of our free monogram designs and fonts can be used with your Cricut if you download them as png or SVG files. You do not need a SVG file and it will work with a png file as well.

How do monograms work?

Please see our article on the monogram order.

How to make a Cricut monogram with 3 letters?

Open our free monogram maker. Select the 3-initial monogram option.

Which is the best Cricut font for monograms?

We have 101 different monogram fonts on our free monogram app for Cricut. They are all free and they can all be used with your Cricut. See our detailed explanation on how to get monogram fonts on Cricut. The best monogram fonts for one person might not be another’s favorite fonts. Since all of our fonts are free we suggest that you try a few until you find one that you love. You do not need to download our fonts so they can be changed within seconds. It only takes a few seconds to create each monogram so you can play around with the different fonts until you find one that you love.

Why make your own monograms?

It’s really easy to make your own monograms and it’s free as well! Once you get the hang of it you will be monogramming anything that doesn’t move! You can turn plain items into personalized gifts for a fraction of the cost.

How to Download Fonts for Cricut

See instructions above on how to make a monogram on Cricut.

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