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how to make a monogram

With our free monogram maker, you can make your own custom monogram online in under 2 minutes!

Click here to open the monogram maker and select the monogram design that you would like to customize.

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How to Use the Monogram  Generator

Select a Monogram Design

When you open the monogram creator you will see example monogram designs.

Select one of them and it will appear in the canvas to the right.

Edit your Initials

Click on “edit initials” and type each initial. Use caps lock or shift to type upper case letters.

You can also add text if you want to add a full name to the monogram letters. To add text, click on the “A” icon on top of the monogram canvas.

Change the Color of each Letter (optional)

To change the color, click on the little colored box next to the relevant letter (see the left box above).

Choose a color.

You can change the color of each letter and of the border or frame (the circle in this case).

If you choose a template with a monogram frame then you will see the frames to your right. You can select any frame and it will replace the sample monogram frame in the canvas.


Download your Monogram

Download. Once you click on “download”, the monogram generator will ask you to choose the format in which to download the monogram. There are a number of options: PDF, PNG, SVG or jpg. Choose any format and define where to save the file. If you do not choose a location then the file will be saved in your downloads folder  or wherever you have set your computer to save downloads (see your computer settings to change this).

Open Monogram Maker

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